Did you know that you can continuously supply our own printer ?

Yes, with a CISS system (continuous ink supply system) designed and developed by some smart people who have asked the question "What would be to create a system that helps stop the waste of dry ink ?"

It is, I say a revolutionary idea recently launched on the market. Using a hoses system, the mechanism is able to continuously supply ink printer so that it is located next to it.
The advantages are many: cost savings (even with 95%), avoiding the classic problems refills (leaks, malfunctions, etc. ..), but  in my opinion the most important advantage is to avoid wastage of ink 
which dries in a very short time if we don't know to use it correctly.
Having at hand such a system we can reduces the chances of wastage of ink (by drying).

Using a CISS system, load tonner hole is always covered blocking the air to enter in,and thus maintaining a constant pressure which will not dry ink in it.

To come to your help I even found a site that you can order and buy this CISS systemwww.cissmarket.com .
For Romanian Language www.cissmarket.ro
For German Language www.cissmarket.com/de
For French Language www.cissmarket.com/fr